Our Recruiting Process And Practices

Best Recruiting Process And Practices

We get to know your needs and culture

Through social media and other sources, our recruiters learn about your unique environment and tailor their search to the professionals that fit your company best.

Customized hiring profile

We develop a hiring profile for your specific needs, culture and long-term goals, and work hard to reach out to search those professionals who meet that profile.

Comprehensive sourcing network

Using our vast network of recruiters, strategic partnerships with business leaders and our established relationships with top professionals, we identify all viable candidates that match your hiring profile, including passive candidates and those who are not available on regular job boards.

Telephone pre-screen

We converse with each applicant and get a solid understanding of their skills, experience, education, training and availability.

Candidate soft skills and behavioral skills check

We assess important work habits, like decision-making, accountability, flexibility, teamwork, time management, attention to detail, verbal and written communication skills, and professionalism.

In-person client interview

You will be able to meet with the best of the best, saving you valuable time and effort associated with weeding through endless resumes and conversing with unqualified applicants.

Skills Assessment (upon request)

We customize our assessments to ensure the candidates we place are experienced and possess required skills to be successful and meet your expectations.

Reference checks (for Direct Hires)

All candidates must receive at least 3 positive references from recent employers.